Research Paper Volume 4, Issue 11 pp 742—754

Aging affects epidermal Langerhans cell development and function and alters their miRNA gene expression profile


Figure 1. Gradual loss of epidermal LCs during aging development. (A) and (B) Reduced epidermal LCs and DETCs during aging development. The number of Langerin+CD45.2+epidermal LCs and LangerinCD45.2+ DETCs were analyzed by FACS (A). Data are shown as mean±SEM of 6-8 mice at each time point. MHCII+ LCs and CD3+ DETCs in the epidermis was assessed by imunofluorescence at each time point (B). Scale bar, 10μm, original magnification (200×). (C) Migrated LCs in draining LNs. Cells from LNs were stained by Anti-IAE, CD8, EpCAM, and Langerin. The EpCAM+Langerin+ migrated LCs were analyzed on gated CD8IAE+ cells. Data are also shown as mean±SEMof 4-6 mice at each time point. *p < 0.05. (D) The kinetics of appearance of Ki67-labeled LCs in aged and young mice was determined by FACS analysis. (E) Apoptotic epidermal LCs were elucidated using Annexin-V antibody and the viable stain 7-AAD. Data are shown as mean ± SEM of 4 mice at each time point and representative of 2 independent experiments.