Research Paper Volume 4, Issue 11 pp 742—754

Aging affects epidermal Langerhans cell development and function and alters their miRNA gene expression profile


Figure 4. Aged mice exhibit defects in LC-mediated T cell proliferation. LCs derived from aged and young mice were pulsed for 20 hr at 37°C with OVA protein (0.5mg/ml) then washed to remove excess OVA. LCs were first purified using AutoMACS with anti-MHCII-PE and anti-PE microbeads followed by a cell sorter. OT-I specific CD8 T cells purified from OT-I mice or OT-II specific CD4 T cells purified from OT-II mice were cultured with LCs for 72h. 1μCi of [3H] thymidine/well was added during the last16-18h. Cells were then harvested and radioactivity counted. Data are representative of two experiments.