Research Paper Volume 5, Issue 1 pp 67—83

Peroxisomal catalase deficiency modulates yeast lifespan depending on growth conditions

Figure 2. Changes in ROS levels in WT andcat cells during exponential growth and chronological aging. DHR staining and FACS analysis was performed with exponentially growing cells (4 h after inoculation for Glc/AS, Glc/MA, Gly/AS and 16 h for Gly/MeOH/AS) (A) and chronologically aging cells grown on media containing Glc/AS (B), Gly/AS (C), Glc/MA (D) or Gly/MeOH/AS (E). Data represents mean ± SD, n = 3. * - P<0.05, ** - P<0.01 in student T test.