Research Paper Volume 5, Issue 1 pp 67—83

Peroxisomal catalase deficiency modulates yeast lifespan depending on growth conditions

Figure 4. Role of Yap1 in H2O2 and acrolein resistance and CLS extension. Expotentially Glc/AS growing cat and cat yap1 cells were challenged with increasing concentrations of H2O2(A) or acrolein (B). Experiments were repeated twice and a representative experiment is shown. CLS curves of yap1 and cat yap1 strains grown on Glc/AS (C), Gly/AS (D), Glc/MA (E) or Gly/MeOH/MA (F). Number of colonies obtained after 16 h was set to 100% viability except for cat yap1 cells for which the initial viability was measured immediately after shifting to Gly/MeOH medium (inset). Data represents mean viability ± SD, n = 3. (G) Fluorescence microscopy of mGFP-Yap1 complemented yap1 and cat yap1 strains before (0 h) and two hours after the shift to Gly/MeOH/AS media. Brightfield images were false-colored into blue to mark cell borders. Bar - 3μm. (H) Percentage of cells showing mGFP-Yap1 concentrated in a spot after shifting mGFP-Yap1 producing yap1 and cat yap1 strains to Gly/MeOH/AS.