Research Paper Volume 5, Issue 9 pp 643—652

CD137 ligand reverse signaling skews hematopoiesis towards myelopoiesis during aging


Figure 5. Increased proliferation and myeloid differentiation of WT progenitor cells. Lineage hematopoietic progenitor cells were isolated from 12 months old WT and CD137L−/− mice, labeled with CFSE, and cocultured with activated WT CD4+ T cells at a ratio of 1:2 for 6 days. Cells were then harvested and stained for CD4, CD11b, Ly6G and Ly6C. (A) Gating strategy of identifying CD4+ T cells and CFSE-labeled progenitor cells. (B) Percentages and (C) absolute numbers of CD11b+, Ly6G+ and Ly6C+ cells in the CFSE+ population. Quadruplicates were performed for each treatment group. Data are representative of two independent experiments. *p<0.05.