Research Paper Volume 5, Issue 10 pp 770—781

PP2A inhibition results in hepatic insulin resistance despite Akt2 activation


Figure 1. Fat increases hepatic PP2A in vitro and in vivo and small molecule inhibitors can be used to impair hepatic PP2A activity. Treatment of primary hepatocytes with either of palmitate (PA), oleate (OA) or linoleate (LA) resulted in an increase in PP2A activity (a). Similarly, three day fat-feeding with a diet based on either saturated or unsaturated fats led to an increase in hepatic PP2A activity in rats (b). 30 mins of cantharidin treatment resulted in a dose-dependent inhibition of PP2A-activity in primary rat hepatocytes (c) while 3 hrs of LB1-treatment led to inhibition of PP2A in rat livers (d). Relative activity is relative to no treatment. Data are averages of PP2A activity assays ±SEM. * P<0.05.