Research Paper Volume 6, Issue 5 pp 390—398

Target of rapamycin signalling mediates the lifespan-extending effects of dietary restriction by essential amino acid alteration


Figure 1. Amino acids mediate lifespan and fecundity changes under DR. (a) Summary of Drosophila median lifespans under dietary restriction (DR), full feeding (FF) and essential amino acid supplementation of DR (DR+EAA) (n=13 biological replicates; DR vs FF, P<0.001; FF vs DR+EAA, P=0.9383; DR vs DR+EAA, P=0.002; Wilcoxon rank-sum test) (b) A representative lifespan experiment: adding EAAs to DR food shortened lifespan (P< 0.001) to that of FF flies (P=0.194); n=150 per treatment; compared using the log-rank test. (c) Adding EAAs to DR food increased egg-laying (P<0.001) to that of FF flies (P<0.936). Fecundity: mean±s.e.m.; n=15; compared using the Wilcoxon rank-sum test