Research Paper Volume 6, Issue 5 pp 390—398

Target of rapamycin signalling mediates the lifespan-extending effects of dietary restriction by essential amino acid alteration


Figure 2. Effect of Rapamycin treatment on EAA-supplemented flies. (a) Rapamycin treatment extended the lifespan of DR+EAA flies beyond that of DR (DR+EAA vs DR+EAA+Rapamycin, P<0.001; DR vs DR+EAA, P<0.012). n=150 per treatment; log-rank test. (b) Rapamycin treatment decreased the lifetime fecundity of DR+EAA flies (P<0.001). Fecundity: mean±s.e.m.; n=10; Wilcoxon rank-sum test. (c) Levels of phospho-T398-S6K were measured from whole-fly protein extracts. Treatment with rapamycin for 7 days decreased phospho-T398-S6K levels in DR+EAA+Rapamycin flies relative to DR+EAA flies