Research Paper Volume 6, Issue 6 pp 496—510

DNA damage signaling regulates age-dependent proliferative capacity of quiescent inner ear supporting cells


Figure 10. Uncoupling between forced proliferation and transdifferentiation. (A,A') AdcD1-infected P6 utricles show rare EdU+/myo6+ hair cells at 6 DIV (arrow). (B,B') AdcD1-infected and DAPT-treated P6 utricles contain high numbers of EdU+/myo6+ hair cells (arrows) at 6 DIV (regimen of the treatments explained in Results). Abbreviations: AdcD1, adenovirus encoding cyclin D1; Myo6, myosin 6; utr, utricle. Scale bar, shown in B': A-B', 20 µm.