Research Paper Volume 6, Issue 6 pp 496—510

DNA damage signaling regulates age-dependent proliferative capacity of quiescent inner ear supporting cells


Figure 2. Proliferative response of juvenile and adult utricular supporting cells to cyclin D1 overexpression. Explants were pulsed with EdU for 24 h between days 2 and 3, and analyzed at 3 and 7 DIV. (A,A') AdcD1-infected P6 utricle displays high numbers of EdU+/Sox2+ SCs. (B,B') AdcD1-infected P50 utricle shows lower numbers of EdU+ SCs. (C,C') Non-infected utricular explant is devoid of proliferating SCs. (D,D') The AdcD1-infected P6 utricle shows EdU+/cD1+ SCs (arrowheads). In addition, there are only EdU-positive and only cD1-positive SCs due to cell cycle dynamics and EdU pulsing (see Results). Abbreviations: AdcD1, adenovirus encoding cyclin D1; utr, utricle. Scale bar, shown in D': A-C', 20 µm; D,D', 8 µm.