Research Paper Volume 6, Issue 6 pp 496—510

DNA damage signaling regulates age-dependent proliferative capacity of quiescent inner ear supporting cells


Figure 6. Proliferative response of juvenile cochlear supporting cells to cyclin D1 overexpression. (A,A') The AdcD1-infected cochlea shows EdU+/Sox2+ Deiters' cells at 3 DIV. (B,B') At 7 DIV, despite cell cycle re-entry of Deiters' cells, this cell population lacks clear signs of supernumerary cells. (C) A non-infected cochlear explant is devoid of proliferating SCs. (D,D') An AdcD1-infected P6 cochlea shows EdU+/cD1+ SCs. Abbreviations: co, cochlea; AdcD1, adenovirus encoding cyclin D1. Scale bar, shown in D': A-C, 20 µm; D,D', 10 µm.