Research Paper Volume 6, Issue 6 pp 481—495

Interaction between ROS dependent DNA damage, mitochondria and p38 MAPK underlies senescence of human adult stem cells


Figure 4. H2O2-induced activation of the p53/p21/pRb pathway in hMESCs. (A) H2O2-induced ATM phosphorylation tested by Western blotting. (B) Phosphorylation status of p53 in both untreated and H2O2-treated cells examined by Western blotting. (C) Nuclear accumulation of pp53 and co-localization pp53 with pATM revealed by immunofluorescence. Original magnification, X100. Scale bar, 20 µm. (D) The expression levels of p21 mRNA. (E) The expression levels of p21 protein. (F) Abrogation of Rb phosphorylation in H2O2-treated hMESCs examined by Western blotting. GAPDH and β-actin were used as loading controls. Representative results of three independent experiments are shown.