Research Paper Volume 6, Issue 6 pp 481—495

Interaction between ROS dependent DNA damage, mitochondria and p38 MAPK underlies senescence of human adult stem cells


Figure 6. Persistent increase in the number of functional mitochondria in H2O2-treated hMESCs. (A) FACS analysis of mitochondrial mass in control (Ctr) and H2O2-treated hMESCs stained with NAO. Values are means ± SD of three independent experiments (*p<0.05, **p<0.005, versus control). (B) Representative NAO confocal fluorescence images of control (Ctr) and treated hMESCs. (C) Rho123 fluorescence in hMESCs at the indicated time points after H2O2 treatment as measured by FACS. (M ± SD, N = 3, *p<0.05, **p<0.005, versus control). (D) Rho123 fluorescent images of control (Ctr) and H2O2-treated hMESCs. Micrographs are representative for three experiments. Scale bar is 200 µm and valid for all images.