Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 1 pp 53—69

The progesterone antagonist mifepristone/RU486 blocks the negative effect on life span caused by mating in female Drosophila


Figure 4. Characterization of mifepristone effects. (A-D) Effect of mifepristone on virgin and mated male and female life span. The p53B[6] strain males were crossed to w; rtTA(3)E2 strain females. The male and female progeny were collected as virgins over 24 hours, then mated to w[1118] virgins and males, respectively, at a ratio of 1:1 for 4 days. After the 4 days mating, mates were removed and the flies were maintained on media in presence or absence of the indicated concentration of drug. (A) Virgin males. (B) Virgin females. (C) Males mated for 4 days. (D) Females mated for 4 days. (E) Dose-response. The control w[1118] strain was crossed to y; Elav-GS strain and female progeny were assayed for life span in presence and absence of drug. The concentration of drug in the media was titrated in a range from 2.5ug/ml to 160ug/ml, as indicated. Flies were allowed to eclose for 48 hours and then mated to siblings for an additional 48 hours prior to sorting. Asterisks indicate statistically significant difference (p < 0.05) between drug treated and no-drug control as determined using log rank tests.