Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 1 pp 53—69

The progesterone antagonist mifepristone/RU486 blocks the negative effect on life span caused by mating in female Drosophila


Figure 6. Critical period for drug treatment and effect of dPGC-1 over-expression. (A) Critical period for drug treatment. Strain p53B[6] was crossed to w; rtTA(3)E2. Female progeny were collected as virgins over 24 hours, then immediately mated to w[1118] males at a ratio of 1:1. The male and female flies were then maintained together on media in presence or absence of 160ug/ml drug for the indicated periods. Males were replaced with young (1-2 weeks of age) w[1118] males at day 50. (B, C) Effect of dPGC-1 over-expression. The indicated crosses were conducted and progeny flies were allowed to eclose for 48 hours. Flies were then transferred to fresh media and allowed to mate to siblings for an additional 48 hours prior to sorting. Male and female flies were maintained in presence and absence of 160ug/ml mifepristone, as indicated. (B) The w[1118] control strain was crossed to the PGC1a(III) strain. (C) The 5961-Gene-Switch driver strain was crossed to the PGC1a(III) strain. Statistical summary for these experiments and additional experiments is presented in Table 1.