Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 2 pp 110—122

Structural chromosome abnormalities, increased DNA strand breaks and DNA strand break repair deficiency in dermal fibroblasts from old female human donors


Figure 1. GSEA analysis of age-related regulation of genes associated with genome maintenance. (A) Principal component analysis of the donor transcriptomes. Samples of the same age group are enclosed by a convex hull to mark the overlap and separation of these groups. (B) The heatmaps depict the gene set enrichment analysis of gene sets related to cell cycle, senescence, telomere and DNA repair, which are up- or down-regulated with age (p-value < 0.1 in at least one donor). Heatmap colours correspond to the –log10 transformed p-values. Depicted expression values are row-wise mean centred and scaled to unit variance. Genes and samples (rows and columns, respectively) have been hierarchically clustered using complete linkage. Complete data files of GSEA are provided in [20].