Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 4 pp 223—232

Liver-specific deletion of Ppp2cα enhances glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity


Figure 1. Ppp2cα is highly expressed in two models of insulin resistant and liver-specific deletion of Ppp2cα. (a) Q-PCR was performed to measure Ppp2cα mRNA levels in liver from ob/ob of 8weeks and 16 weeks mice fed HFD beginning at 8 weeks of age compared to appropriate controls (n=5). (b) Deletion efficiency of the Ppp2cα allele was analyzed using Q-PCR and western blotting. (c) Body weight (BW) of mice on a normal chow diet (n=8). BW was monitored every week from 6 weeks of age for 34 weeks. (d) Liver weight (normalized to BW) of 8-week-old mice fed ad libitum (n=8).