Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 3 pp 177—194

Functional genomic analysis reveals overlapping and distinct features of chronologically long-lived yeast populations


Figure 2. Extracellular effects of expired media on CLS. (A) Schematic diagram depicting media exchange between centrifuged NR and CR cultures at day 5, followed by continued CLS assays over a 3-week period. (B) CLS assay showing effect of CR or NR concentrates when added to non-restricted BY4741 (WT) cultures. (C) CLS assay showing effect of expired media concentrate derived from a non-restricted ade4∆ culture. (D) Same as panel B except each culture was normalized to 1.7 mM acetic acid at the time of inoculation. (E) Media pH measurements were taken at the time of inoculation (day 0), or days 1, 2, and 5 after inoculation. BY4741 was grown under NR and CR conditions or the cultures were treated with NR or CR concentrates.