Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 3 pp 177—194

Functional genomic analysis reveals overlapping and distinct features of chronologically long-lived yeast populations


Figure 7. Randomized blinded experiment to test utility of CLS extension biomarkers. Cultures for each strain or growth condition were randomized and analyzed for CLS or expression of LEU3, ADD66, FYV6, and CWP2 relative to the non-restricted WT control strain. Expression of the WT NR strain was normalized to 1.0. LEU3, ADD6, and FYV6 expression values below 1 (dashed line) and CWP2 expression above 1 (dashed line) are predictive of long CLS. The WT + sorbitol culture and the gln3∆ mutant were chosen as long-lived conditions. The eaf3∆, sds23∆, snx41∆, and ydl119C∆ mutants were randomly chosen from the KO collection.