Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 3 pp 177—194

Functional genomic analysis reveals overlapping and distinct features of chronologically long-lived yeast populations


Figure 9. Genetic interactions between ADE4 and ADO1. (A) CLS assays with WT, ade4∆, ado1∆, and ade4∆ ado1∆ mutant strains. (B) Quantitative RT-PCR showing relative downregulation of ADE4 in an ado1∆ mutant and the upregulation of ADO1 in an ade4∆ mutant. All expression levels were first normalized to ACT1 and then compared to WT. (C) AMP convergence of the de novo purine biosynthesis pathway with the various purine salvage pathways. Ado1 predominantly converts adenosine derived from the SAM cycle.