Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 3 pp 195—204

Gene expression of key regulators of mitochondrial biogenesis is sex dependent in mice with growth hormone receptor deletion in liver


Figure 2. Renal gene expression of key regulators of mitochondrial biogenesis. Kidney mRNA expression of Pgc1α (A), Ampk (B), Sirt1 (C), Nrf2 (D) and CoxIV (E) in male and female of wild-type (WT) and liver-specific growth hormone receptor knockout (LiGHRKO) mice. Each group consists of 7 animals. The data from real-time PCR were normalized by the housekeeping gene β2-microglobulin (B2M) and shown as a relative expression. Values are means ± SEM. a, b – values that do not share the same letter in the superscript are statistically significant (p<0.05). * – p<0.05 vs. male mice (the significance for sex). There are the following significant p values: Ampk: 0.041, Sirt1: 0.003.