Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 4 pp 256—268

High-fat diet induced obesity primes inflammation in adipose tissue prior to liver in C57BL/6j mice


Figure 2. Prolonged HFD is associated with IR after 24 and 40 weeks but not after 52 weeks of HFD. (A) Fasted plasma glucose and (B) insulin concentrations measured in blood collected prior to oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT). (C) Homeostatic model assessment of IR (HOMA-IR) used as a surrogate marker of IR. (D-F) Blood glucose (top) and plasma insulin (bottom) levels during OGTT after 24, 40 and 52 weeks of LFD and HFD-feeding. Values shown are means ± SEM (n=7 mice/group). Significance level set at p<0.05. *=significant from LFD at same time point, †=significant from same diet 24w, ‡=significant from same diet 40w.