Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 6 pp 435—449

Premature aging of the hippocampal neurogenic niche in adult Bmal1‐ deficient mice


Figure 1. The pool of NPCs was reduced in DG in Bmal1‐/‐ mice. BrdU‐labeled cells in DG were analyzed one day after the final BrdU administration. (A) Representative photomicrographs of BrdU‐positive (+) NPCs. (B) Quantification of BrdU‐immunoreaction in DG of one hemisphere. Total number of BrdU + cells was significantly reduced in Bmal1‐/‐ as compared to Bmal1+/+. (C) Estimation of total volume of DG didn’t show significant difference between both genotypes. Values are shown as mean + SEM, *: P < 0.05, scale bar = 50 μm.