Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 6 pp 419—434

Tissue-specific autophagy responses to aging and stress in C. elegans


Figure 6. Mitochondrial and cytoplasmic flux through the autophagic pathway. (A) The mitochondrial outer membrane protein TOMM-7 tagged with dFP was incorporated into mitochondrial patterns in the muscles. Scale bar 50mm. (B) Cells from animals expressing either soluble dFP or dFP::TOMM-7 were subfractionated into cytoplasmic and mitochondria-enriched fractions. The presence of VDAC in the pellet confirms mitochondrial enrichment (lower panel). Full-length dFP::TOMM-7 is enriched in the mitochondrial fraction as compared to soluble dFP. (C) Animals expressing dFP::TOMM-7 exposed to anoxia showed an increase in mFP release, indicating that autophagy brings mitochondria to the lysosome in response to anoxic shock.