Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 7 pp 475—485

Mitochondria-targeted antioxidant SkQ1 improves impaired dermal wound healing in old mice


Figure 5. SkQ1 prevents TNF-induced decomposition of the endothelial cell-to-cell contacts containing VE-cadherin in vitro. EA.hy926 cells were incubated for 4d with 20 nM SkQ1, 1 mM NAC or 0.1 mM Trolox and treated with 5 ng/ml TNF for 24h. (a) Detection of VE-cadherin (green), f-actin (red) and nuclei (blue). Bar, 15 μm. (b) Paracellular permeability assay in the cell monolayer using TRITC-dextran. (c) Representative immunoblotting of VE-cadherin, and (d) its quantification. “c” - untreated cells. Data are presented as mean ± SEM; N=4;*P < 0.05 for SkQ1+TNF-treated versus TNF treated samples; ‡P < 0.001 for the TNF treated versus untreated cells.