Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 7 pp 486—499

Transgenic mice overexpressing glia maturation factor-β, an oxidative stress inducible gene, show premature aging due to Zmpste24 down-regulation


Figure 4. Hair regrowth phenotypes in WT and GMF-TG mice. (A) This photograph shows the representative appearance of the WT (Left) and GMF-TG (Right) mice at 10 weeks, 15 days after shaving. Almost no hair regrowth was observed in the GMF-TG mice, whereas the WT mice displayed robust hair regrowth. (B) The figure shows the results for the hair regrowth ratio in the WT and GMF-TG mice at 10, 60 and 80 weeks, 15 days after shaving. The hair regrowth ratio for the GMF-TG mice declined significantly, compared with the WT mice at the same age. The mean of the hair regrowth results for the WT mice is shown as 1. The data is shown as means ± S.E. (10, 60, 80w WT; n=3, 10w GMF-TG; n=6, 60, 80w GMF-TG; n=5).