Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 7 pp 486—499

Transgenic mice overexpressing glia maturation factor-β, an oxidative stress inducible gene, show premature aging due to Zmpste24 down-regulation


Figure 8. The serum creatinine levels in WT and GMF-TG mice. This figure shows the result of the serum creatinine levels in the WT and GMF-TG mice, which revealed that serum creatinine was increased in the GMF-TG mice, compared with the WT mice. The data is shown as means ± S.E. (WT; n=4, average age; 84.8 ± 0.25 weeks, GMF-TG; n=4 average age; 72.8 ± 6.24 weeks). *; P < 0.05 vs. WT mice.