Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 8 pp 535—552

Endurance exercise and selective breeding for longevity extend Drosophila healthspan by overlapping mechanisms


Figure 1. Selectively bred La flies increase longevity whether exercised or not. (A) Female La flies live longer than the control Ra females after three weeks of exposure to the Power Tower training machine (logrank; p <.0001). Training has little effect on longevity of either line. (B) La females have a delayed increase in mortality with age that is independent of exercise. Mortality during the training period is similar for all groups. (C) Male La flies live longer than control Ra males after three weeks of exposure to the training machine (logrank; p <.0001). Training does not increase longevity, and slightly decreases longevity in La males. (D) Mortality of La males is similar to Ra males during training, but is consistently lower than control Ra males after day 20. Exercised La males had somewhat increased mortality between days 40 and 65 compared to unexercised La males. n ≥ 250 for all survival and mortality experiments. Mortality and survival data are from same cohorts.