Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 9 pp 648—660

Heart-specific Rpd3 downregulation enhances cardiac function and longevity


Figure 4. Changes in gene expression from heart-specific Rpd3 downregulation. (A) Differential expression of anti-aging genes. Standardized against the rpd3Ri/+ single transgene control, comparative CT analyses (RT-PCR) were performed using total RNAs purified from 2-day-old flies where rpd3 was downregulated in the heart (tin) or eye (GMR). The bars represent a mixture of male and female data, which exhibited similar trends in 7 - 13 independent experiments with 4 - 5 different cDNAs. (B) Differential expression levels of representative stress-response genes between the rpd3Ri/+ control and heart-specific Rpd3 downregulation (rpd3Ri/tinG4), which are grouped by the specific stressor they are responsible for. The data was analyzed using 4 - 7 independent RT-PCR experiments from the total RNAs of 2-day-old male flies.