Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 10 pp 816—838

Proteomic identification of prognostic tumour biomarkers, using chemotherapy-induced cancer-associated fibroblasts


Figure 2. Workflow for the comparative proteome analysis of hTERT-BJ1 fibroblasts treated with azathioprine, taxol or vehicle. Protein lysates were obtained from hTERT-BJ1 fibroblasts after 48 h treatment with azathioprine, taxol or vehicle. Peptides obtained after trypsin digestion were analysed via LC-MS/MS on an LTQ-Orbitrap XL mass spectrometer. Label-free quantitative proteomics was used to detect changes in protein abundances across vehicle-treated and drug-treated fibroblast extracts. The proteomics data sets were further analysed using Ingenuity Pathway Analysis and a cancer survival analysis tool (