Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 10 pp 793—810

Defective mitochondrial respiration, altered dNTP pools and reduced AP endonuclease 1 activity in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of Alzheimer's disease patients


Figure 4. Effects of MMSE of the AD patients on the values of the biochemical parameters. Pearson correlation analysis of MMSE with the biochemical parameters, as indicated. MMSE scores are listed high to low on the x-axis to correspond to AD progression (reduction in cognitive function as measured by MMSE). Units: OCRs (Basal OCR, ATP turnover, Reserve capacity, Maximum capacity, Proton leak), pmol oxygen/min; ECARs (Basal ECAR, Glycolytic reserve), mpH/min; ROS production, fluorescence; dNTPs, pmol/million cells; DNA strand breaks, percent fluorescence; APE1 activity, percent incision.