Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 10 pp 869—881

Mitochondrial Hormesis links nutrient restriction to improved metabolism in fat cell


Figure 1. OxPHOS gene expression in mouse white and brown fat. (A) mtDNA and nDNA-encoded OxPHOS proteins analyzed by Western blot (n=2 mice per group). (B) Heat map of mtDNA-and nDNA-encoded OxPHOS genes assayed by RT-qPCR in 4 months old mice (mean value of n=4 mice per group). (C) OxPHOS gene expression ratio evaluated by calculating the ratio between mtDNA-and nDNA-encoded OxPHOS genes considered in (B) (n=4 mice per group). vDAC served as loading control. Bar graphs are expressed as mean ±S.D. (*p<0.05 vs eWAT).