Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 11 pp 974—985

Apoptosis during embryonic tissue remodeling is accompanied by cell senescence


Figure 3. (A) Graphic illustrations comparing the proportion of cells at different cell cycle stages in control (white columns) versus Btg2-overexpressing mesodermal progenitors (grey columns) after 48 hr of culture as evaluated using flow cytometry after PI staining. (B-B′) Illustrates the dilution of CFSE labeling after 48 hr of culture in a representative sample of three distinct experiments. Blue: control cells; Green: Btg2 overexpressing; Yellow: control cells maintained at 4°C. NP (non-proliferating) marks the area of the plot of no proliferation, deduced from the absence of CFSE dilution in control cells maintained at 4°C. P (proliferating) marks the area of the cytometry plot of cells in proliferation. The lower dilution of CFSE in the proliferating cell population (P) of Btg2-overexpressing cells (green) in comparison with control cells (blue) indicates a reduced proliferation rate. B′: detailed view of the Btg2-overexpressing cells in B, isolated from the other values to appreciate that a significant portion (15%) of experimental cells are non-proliferating. (C) Graphic representation of the levels of lipid oxidation and carbonylated proteins in control and Btg2-overexpressing limb mesodermal progenitors. * p< 0.05.