Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 11 pp 986—999

Screening of a kinase library reveals novel pro-senescence kinases and their common NF-κB-dependent transcriptional program


Figure 2. Effects of anti-proliferative kinases on p16 and correlation with SASP-components. (A) IMR-90 normal human fibroblasts were infected with a control vector or the indicated kinase-encoding retroviral vector. Five days after infection, RNAs were prepared and the p16 transcript was quantified by RT-qPCR. Results were normalized with respect to the level of ACTB mRNA. (B) A Venn diagram was drawn to summarize the data. (C) For p16 and for each cytokine, relative (log2) fold change induction is represented on a heatmap versus the inducing kinase. (D) Correlograms and correlation matrix (non-parametric Spearman method) showing pairwise correlations between fold change induction datasets. Rho values and associated p-values are displayed.