Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 11 pp 986—999

Screening of a kinase library reveals novel pro-senescence kinases and their common NF-κB-dependent transcriptional program


Figure 4. NF-κB activity mediates the effect of pro-senescence kinases on SASP expression. (A) 293GP cells were co-transfected by the 3κB-Luc reporter and the indicated kinases or the empty vector. Two days later, cells were lysed and Luc activity measured and normalized to protein concentration for each condition. Results are presented as fold Luc activity induced by the indicated kinase when compared to the control vector. (B-E) MRC-5 normal human fibroblasts were co-infected with the indicated retroviral vectors. Five days later, RNAs were prepared and RT-qPCR was performed to quantify (B) IL1A, (C) IL1B, (D) IL6, and (E) IL8 transcripts. Results were normalized with respect to the level of ACTB mRNA. Statistical analysis was performed with the T-test, p<0.005 ***.