Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 12 pp 1094—1108

Age-related neuroinflammation and changes in AKT-GSK-3β and WNT/ β-CATENIN signaling in rat hippocampus


Figure 4. Changes in the pGSK-3β/GSK-3β ratio in hippocampus of 4-, 12- and 24-month-old rats. (A) Representative Western blotting autoradiographs of cytosolic GSK-3β/α-TUBULIN and pGSK-3β/GSK-3β. (B) Densitometric analysis (arbitrary units) of the ratio of data presented in panel A is shown. No significant difference in densitometric analysis of GSK-3β/α-TUBULIN values was found between all groups. Results are expressed as mean ± S.E.M. from three individual experiments. ANOVA followed by Newman-Keuls. (a) p<0.05 vs. 4-month-old basal sample.