Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 12 pp 1130—1142

Increased epigenetic age and granulocyte counts in the blood of Parkinson's disease patients


Figure 4. Blood cell counts versus PD status. As indicated in the heading of each panel, the panels alternate between the two data sets. PD status (x-axis) versus (A,B) proportion of cytotoxic CD8+ T cells, (C,D) naïve CD8+ T cell count, (E,F) percentage of exhausted CD8+ T cells (defined as CD8+CD28-CD45RA-), (G,H) proportion of helper CD4+ T cells, (I,J) naïve CD4+ T cell count, (K,L) proportion of natural killer cells, (M,N) proportion of monocytes, (O,P) granulocytes, (Q,R) B cells, (S,T) plasma blasts (activated B cells). The abundance measures of blood cell counts were estimated based on DNA methylation levels using the epigenetic clock software. The y-axis of (E,F) reports a percentage, that of (C,D,I,J) a cell counts but it is best to interpret these measures as ordinal abundance measures. The y-axis of the other panels reports estimated proportions based on the Houseman method [45]. Each bar plot depicts the mean value (y-axis), 1 standard error, and the group size (underneath the bar). The p-value results from a non-parametric group comparison test (Kruskal Wallis).