Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 12 pp 1130—1142

Increased epigenetic age and granulocyte counts in the blood of Parkinson's disease patients


Figure 5. Amount of medication (x-axis) versus epigenetic age acceleration in PD subjects. As indicated in the heading of each panel, the panels alternate between the two data sets. PD status (x-axis) versus (A,B) proportion of CD8+ T cells, (C,D) naïve CD8+ T cell count, (E,F) exhausted CD4+T cell counts (defined as CD8+CD28-CD45RA-), (G,H) proportion of CD4+ T cells, (I,J) naïve CD4 T cell count, (K,L) proportion of natural killer cells, (M,N) proportion of monocytes, (O,P) granulocytes, (Q,R) B cells, (S,T) plasma blasts (activated B cells). All cell types were estimated based on DNA methylation levels as described in Methods. The heading of each plot reports a robust correlation coefficient (biweight midcorrelation and a corresponding p-value).