Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 12 pp 1212—1222

Survival of irradiated recipient mice after transplantation of bone marrow from young, old and “early aging” mice


Figure 4. Comparison of phenotypes of p53+/m as originally reported in Tyner et al (2002) and those maintained by the Sell group. (A) Top: Representative 20-month-old skinned p53+/+ female mouse (top) and age- and sex-matched p53+/m mouse (bottom). Pronounced lordokyphosis, loss of body mass, muscle atrophy and loss of adipose tissue is evident in the p53+/m mouse (B and C). Representative of a skinned 20 month-old (B) and 8 month-old male (C) mouse. Both mice possess excessive amounts of adipose tissue and do not exhibit lordokyphosis.