Research Paper Volume 7, Issue 12 pp 1185—1197

Knockout of Angiotensin AT2 receptors accelerates healing but impairs quality


Figure 3. Altered expression of wound TGFβ isoforms in AT1R−/− and AT2R−/− mice. AT1R−/− mice have lower expression of TGFβ1 (A), TGFβ2 (B), and TGFβ3 (C) in healed skin (day20) as compared to WT and AT2R−/− mice. An increase in the expression of AT1R (D), TGFβ1 (E), TGFβ2 (F) correlated with the accelerated healing rate observed in later stages of wound healing in AT2R−/− mice. The length of fold change error bar equal variance 95% confidence interval *p<0.05.