Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 1 pp 34—47

Sirt6 regulates dendritic cell differentiation, maturation, and function


Figure 2. Sirt6 deletion hampers the spontaneous maturation of BMDCs. (A, B) BM cells from WT and Sirt6KO mice were cultured for 6 days with 20 ng/ml GM-CSF. At day 6, cells were re-seeded in the presence of 5 ng/ml GM-CSF and CD86, MHCII, and CD11c expression was determined at day 7 by flow cytometry. (A, B) One representative experiment out of eight is presented. (B) lower inset, results are means ± SEM of eight separate experiments; n=13 for each genotype; *: p<0.05; **: p<0.01. (C) WT and Sirt6KO BMDCs harvested at day 6 of culture were re-seeded with TNF-α at the indicated concentrations. 24 h later, BMDCs were harvested and analyzed by flow cytometry. One representative experiment out of five is presented (n=8 for each genotype).