Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 1 pp 34—47

Sirt6 regulates dendritic cell differentiation, maturation, and function


Figure 5. Sirt6 deletion skews cytokine production in BMDCs. (A-E) WT and Sirt6KO BMDCs were harvested at day 8 and stimulated for 24 h with or without different TLR ligands. (A-C) Cells were harvested, stained for CD11c, CD86 and intracellular TNF-α, IL-6 or IL-12. CD11c+CD86+ TNF-α-, IL-6-, or IL-12-producing cells were quantified by flow cytometry. Results are means ± SEM of three-to-five separate experiments, n=3-10 for each genotype. In (D, E), cytokine secretion into cell supernatants was measured by ELISA. Results are means ± SEM of 3-10 separate experiments; *: p<0.05; n.s.: not significant.