Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 1 pp 62—75

Telomere attrition and restoration in the normal teleost Oryzias latipes are linked to growth rate and telomerase activity at each life stage


Figure 1. Characteristics of the medaka (Oryzias latipes) at different ages. (A, B) Scatterplots of the dynamics and fitted regression models. (A) Total body length. (B) Body weight. G (dark gray shading), growth stage; Ado (clear), adolescent stage; Adu (light gray shading), adult stage. (C-G) Changes in external morphology of the medaka. (C) Embryo body at 10 days of age (hatching stage). (D) Female at 3 months of age at the growth stage. (E) Female at 11 months of age at the adolescent stage. (F) Female at 2 years of age at the adult stage. (G) Female at 4 years of age at the adult stage. Scale bar = 1 mm. (H) Kaplan-Meier survival estimate for medaka from hatching to 1 year of age (N = 67).