Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 4 pp 620—635

Aging augments the impact of influenza respiratory tract infection on mobility impairments, muscle-localized inflammation, and muscle atrophy


Figure 6. Influenza-induced weight loss correlated with gastrocnemius gene expression of ubiquitin proteasome pathway components. Percent body mass loss at time of sacrifice and corresponding gastrocnemius gene expression was analyzed via univariate linear regression for all genes that showed significant time effects. Young and aged mice were analyzed separately to determine if relationships vary with age. FOXO1 (A), IL6RA (B), UBB (C), UBC (D), MURF1 (E), ATROGIN1 (F), and IGF1 (G) were significantly correlated with percent body mass in either young or aged, or both (Young (Y) and aged (A) mice regression analysis p and R2 values indicated to right of graph, bolded if significant (p<0.05)), while no relationship was seen with percent body mass and expression of IL6, TNF, CXCL10, MEF2C, PAX7, MYOD1, and MYOG (data not shown).