Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 2 pp 291—303

The signaling pathways by which the Fas/FasL system accelerates oocyte aging


Figure 4. Fragmentation of aging oocytes. Newly-ovulated oocytes were either treated for 24 h in FCM alone or in FCM containing 10-μM U73122 (U73), 1.2-μM B-IP3RCYT (BIP) or 50-μM Caspase-3 inhibitor VII (Cas3I) (the 24-h treatment), or treated for 9 h with FCM alone or FCM containing 5-μM MG132 (the 9-h treatment), before post-treatment aging in CZB medium. At different times of the post-treatment aging, oocytes were observed for fragmentation. Each treatment was repeated 4 times with each replicate containing about 30 oocytes. a–c: Values without a common letter above their bars differ significantly (P<0.05) within time points of post-treatment aging.