Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 3 pp 441—454

Altered lipid metabolism in the aging kidney identified by three layered omic analysis


Figure 5. Increased abundance of Asah1 correlates with a decrease in ceramide 16 in aged kidneys. (a) Volcano plot of differences in protein abundance between age groups. Positive values indicate higher protein abundance in 14 week old samples. Negative values indicate higher abundance in 96 week old samples. Asah1 was detected to have a fold change of 0.69 in aged kidneys. Aldh1a1 is highlighted as a comparison. (b) Immunohistochemistry for Asah1 on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded mouse kidney tissue showing low expression in the cortical tubular system with no expression in glomeruli and decreased expression in the young medulla. Scale bars indicate 100μm.