Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 4 pp 730—750

N-acetyl-cysteine prevents age-related hearing loss and the progressive loss of inner hair cells in γ-glutamyl transferase 1 deficient mice

Figure 2. Surface preparations showing missing IHC in 9-month-old dwg/dwg mice. Representative surface preparation stained with hematoxylin from the middle of the cochlea of 9-monthold +/+ mice and dwg/dwg mice. (A) Organ of Corti of +/+ mouse with three orderly rows of outer hair cells (OHC) and one row of inner hair cells (IHC); inset shows higher magnification view of three rows of OHC and one row of IHC. (B) Organ of Corti from dwg/dwg mouse with three rows of OHC; most IHC were missing; inset shows higher magnification view of organ of Corti with 3 rows of OHC and missing IHC.