Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 8 pp 1690—1702

Loss of oxidative defense and potential blockade of satellite cell maturation in the skeletal muscle of patients with cancer but not in the healthy elderly


Figure 3. Fold change (±SD) in expression of mRNA for (a) the apoptotic factor Bax and the autophagy-related Sequestosome 1 (p62/SQSTM1) in the Quadriceps muscle of C, HE and HMA groups: HMA (n=22), HE (n=20), CWS (n=18), CWL (n=10). Fold-change of mRNA expression is relative to HMA. Statistical analysis was carried out on deltaCT values. Q-PCR results show upregulation of pro-apoptotic Bax (p<0.001) in HE and C (CWS and CWL) muscle compared with HMA. Expression of mRNA for p62/SQSTM1 is upregulated in HE (p<0.001) and downregulated in CWS and CWL (p<0.0001) and (b) Western blot analysis indicates activation of the degradation pathway (Beclin and p62/SQSTM1) in the Quadriceps muscle of C compared with the HE group. Data are means ± SEM from C (n=9) and HE (n=8) groups for p62 and C (n=9) and HE (n=9) for Beclin. The analysis demonstrates significant upregulation of these proteins in muscle from C compared with HE (p<0.05).