Research Paper Volume 9, Issue 1 pp 41—51

Novel cellular evidence of lipophagy within the Sertoli cells during spermatogenesis in the turtle

Figure 1. Light micrograph shows the histological structure of testis. (A, B) Seminiferous tubules show the spermatogonia (arrow) and few leptotene spermatocytes (arrowhead) in May. (C, D) Pachytene spermatocytes (arrowhead), round/elongated spermatids are present in the seminiferous epithelium, and spermatids are arranged in the sperm column (arrow) in July. (E, F) The round/elongated spermatids as well as free spermatozoa in the lumen and few spermatogonia are observed in October. LC: Leydig cell; Sg: spermatogonia; rS: round spermatid; eS: elongated spermatid; S: spermatozoa; Lu: lumen; (curved arrow): Sertoli cells. H & E stain. Scale bar= 20μm (A, C, E) and 10μm (B, D, F).