Research Paper Volume 8, Issue 10 pp 2525—2537

Impaired autophagy activity is linked to elevated ER-stress and inflammation in aging adipose tissue


Figure 4. Enhanced autophagy activity in calorie restricted (CR) old mice. (A) Western blot analysis of autophagy-associated proteins SQSTM1/p62 and LC3-I and LC3-II in the SVF lysates from old (n=3) and old CR mice (n=5) treated with either vehicle or Baf (10 nM) for 18h. The density of protein bands from three independent experiments were normalized with α-Tubulin and plotted in (B-D). Data presented here are representative of three independent experiments. Values were presented as mean + SD of three independent experiments. ** refers to significance level (p<0.001) of Student’s t-test analysis using means and SDs. # indicates the significance level (p<0.05) of two-way ANOVA analysis for the interaction between treatment (Vehicle or Baf.) and aged mice (AL-O vs. CR-O).